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The Best of Triumph

1975 Triumph T160 Trident

  • 58bhp@7250RPM
  • 741cc
  • 552LB (250KG)
  • NEW £1091, NOW £3500

1975 Triumph T160Under Norton Viller Triumph ownership, the firm refined the 750cc Trident for 1975, giving it electric start, a rear disc brake, enhanced cornering clearance and sleeker styling.

With hindsight, it was triple that should have been available five years earlier. To comply with US regulations the T160 had a left-side change for the five-speed gearbox and quiet but efficient annular-discharge ‘black cap’ silencers to terminate a handsome 3-4 exhaust. Built entirely at the old BSA factory in Birmingham because of the Meriden closure, the T160 had the inclined cylinders seen on the BSA Rocket 3 and X75 Hurricane. A Bike magazine test recorded 126mph, and although some examples suffered quality control snags, the Trident made a fine sports tourer. Fewer than 7500 were made before NVT collapsed in 1975.

1966 Triumph TT Bonneville

  • 54bhp@6500 RPM
  • 649cc
  • 350lb
  • NEW $1250 (£800), NOW £10,000

From 1963 to 1967 a pure competition version of the 650cc Bonneville was built primarily for the North American market. Its punchy engine was basically the stock T120 twin, but in a high state of tune with high-compression 11:1 pistons and open pipes elegantly tucked under the frame to allow maximum cornering clearance. They make a deafening Read More >

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Vincent Comet

Vincent Comet

Vincent Comet

Introduced in 1949 the Comet was only available in Series C form. The new model’s engine was clearly derived from the twin cylinder models with the rear cylinder being replaced by a frame tie that also supported the four speed Burman gearbox.

In most other respects the Comet followed the twin cylinder models.

When tested in 1949, the series C Comet was praised for both its excellent handling and braking, as well as a highly reputable 88 mph top speed. Read More >

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