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Year Title Picture Description
1957 1957 sachs leopard bobby sachs leopard bobby 1957 The ""rolls royce"" of mopeds, a genuine classic! 50cc, 3 speed.
1965 1965 ""lh"" scooter, 125cc
1965 SIS Sachs Minor Moped SIS Sachs Minor Moped Made in Portugal. 47cc Sachs engine model 502/1A. Never offered in Engish speaking countries.

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1966 1966 sachs lebre sachs lebre 1966 47cc. sachs is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and in the 1960s produced a range of good quality mopeds and smaller capacity motorcycles - some of which found their way over here. this model shows that their two stroke engine design was ahead of their contemporaries and the styling was heading towards the sports moped of the 1970 although it still retained the deeply valanced mudguards of older models.
1969 1969 sachs 125cc sachs 125cc 1969
1969 Sachs 125 MX Sachs 125 MX

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1979 1979 sachs prima 4 sachs prima 4 1979

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