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Year Title Picture Description
1950 1950 rumi formichino scooter rumi formichino scooter 1950 125cc.
1952 1952 rumi gobbetto competizione rumi gobbetto competizione 1952 Rare and complete privateer bike in running condition. fully restored but with an unknown history.
1952 1952 rumi scooter rumi scooter 1952 125cc.

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1954 1954 rumi sport rumi sport 1954
1954 1954 rumi 125 scoiattolo rumi 125 scoiattolo 1954 107kg.
1957 1957 moto rumi 125 ""junior"" italian race bike moto rumi 125 This unique machine was built in argentina by the famed craftsman eduardo lorenzut e hijos of edy classic bikes in buenos aires as a replica of a rumi junior. its not the factory version but a later recreation. an authentic junior is worth over $20,000, an authentic junior with earles fork worth over $35,000.

We Also Offer Classic Motorbike Insurance

1960 Rumi Bol d\'Or 1960 Rumi Bol d\'Or 125cc
1963 1963 rumi scooter rumi scooter 1963

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