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Year Title Picture Description
0 raynal auto cycle - 1940 raynal auto cycle - 1940 98cc
0 raynal auto cycle raynal auto cycle
0 raynal autocycle raynal autocycle The raynal had been introduced during 1937 and became the archetypical autocycle with production continuing until 1950. this example is powered by a villiers junior engine and equipped with a large toolbox mounted on the right of the carrier and a full lighting kit. the machine is hand-painted with a black finish. image provided by

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1938 1938 raynal autocycle 98cc villiers raynal autocycle 98cc villiers 1938 The raynal was a popular and well-respected model in its day. with the outbreak of war so soon after its introduction, production was limited, so it is not often that a raynal comes onto the market these days.
1938 1938 raynal autocycle raynal autocycle 1938
1940 1940 Raynal-Auto autocycle 1940 Raynal-Auto autocycle

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1940 Raynal Autocycle 1940 Raynal Autocycle 98cc Villiers Junior engine.

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