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Year Title Picture Description
1911 1911 premier onbekend, 500cc premier onbekend, 500cc 1911 This 1911 design doesn't completely follow 1911 practice, it has a unique feature namely an extra exhaust valve. this spring- loaded valve is situated at the bottom of the cylinder and te idea behind the design is that it enhances the cooling of the engine by providing an extra escape for the hot exhaust gases. there is a clutch in the rear hub to make smooth acceleration from standstill possible.
1911 1911 premier 246cc side-valve premier 246cc side-valve 1911
1911 1911 premier premier 1911 499cc white & poppe motor

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1912 1912 premier premier 1912 3-5hp ladys model
1912 1912 premier tt model premier tt model 1912

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