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1937 1937 ardie mf 125 ardie mf 125 1937 Ardie was a company in N├╝rnberg, Germany that manufactured motorcycles from 1919 until 1958. The company\'s name derives from that of its founder, Arno Dietrich. At first Ardie made motorcycles with its own 288cc and 304cc single cylinder two-stroke engines. In 1925 the company switched to using engines from JAP in London, England. In the 1930s Ardie switched again to engines made by the German companies Bark and KUchen.
1949 1949 ardie ne 125 ardie ne 125 1949
1950 Ardie RBZ105 Ardie RBZ105

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1952 Ardie 10PS Ardie 10PS

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