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Year Title Picture Description
0 Allstate /Daimler-Puch Allstate /Daimler-Puch
1956 1956 allstate 175 sv allstate 175 sv 1956 These bikes were imported from austria by sears in the 1950's and 1960's and sold under the name allstate.
1965 Allstate Sport 60 1965 Allstate Sport 60

We Also Offer Classic Motorbike Insurance

1965 Allstate Puch 1965 Allstate Puch
1966 1966 sears allstate sr175 sears allstate sr175 1966 This is a 1966 sears allstate sr 175 twingle manufactured by puch of austria. single cylinder, dual piston, 175cc. displacement, 6:1 compression ratio; 10 horsepower, dual exhaust, two-stroke, top speed 63 mph.
1968 1968 sears allstate sears allstate 1968

We Also Offer Classic Motorbike Insurance

1968 50cc Allstate 1968 50cc Allstate 50cc three speed

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